40 Female Quran Memorizers Honored in UAE

 40 Female Quran Memorizers Honored in UAE

40 of Dar Al Ber Quran memorizers in Dubai were honored after they finished their revision course as part of the Ber Quran Memorization project.


The 6th edition of the ‘There is a will, there is a way’ course saw 270 female participants who received accolades in a special ceremony at the Cultural and Social Centre of the Ministry Of Culture, Youth and Community Development in Ajman.


Present at the function were Moza Naseeb, the General Coordinator of the Quran study centers for females in Dar Al Ber, along with Asma Abdurrahman, Quran revision supervisors, the project teachers, mentors, learners and parents.


Twenty top memorizers of the 5th edition were also honored for learning the Quran in full, along with three students for memorizing 20 parts, four for learning 15 parts, five for memorizing ten parts, and three for learning five parts of the Quran.


Three students were also honored for being accredited to teach the Quran, as well as the teaching cadres, and the Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Centre for its relentless support for the course.


The ceremony began with some verses from the Holy Quran, followed by an inaugural speech on the virtue of memorizing the Quran, and the supreme position of Quran memorizers.


In her speech, Moza Naseeb paid tribute to the UAE leadership for encouraging memorization of the Quran.


She also thanked Sheikha bint Abdullah Al Nuaimi for supporting Quran memorizers. Naseeb then acknowledged the sponsors of the course, including Emirates Transport Sharjah, the Culture and Youth Centre, and the Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Centre.


The youngest participant, 8, and the oldest, 67, then ended the function program with some verses from the Holy Quran.

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