Quran Memorization Course Underway in Gaza

 Quran Memorization Course Underway in Gaza

A Quran memorization course has been organized by the General Office of Quran Memorization affiliated to the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in the Gaza Strip.

According to alwatanvoice.com, the Faculty of Islamic Dissemination in Al-Wusta region has been hosting the course, which will continue for ten days under the supervision of a number of Quran memorizers and Palestinian Quran experts.


Adel Al-Hour, director of the Quran Memorizers Office of the ministry, said that 70 Quran memorizers from different parts of the Gaza Strip have taken the course.


During the 10-hour classes, the participants review the memorized Quranic verses for 7 hours and they are taught religious issues for 3 hours.


Abdul Hadi Al-Agha, an official with the ministry, said that memorizers of the Holy Quran should be the most knowledgeable person about the meaning of the Divine verses

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